How often should you get your hair cut?
   If you wear your hair at your shoulder or shorter we recommend a hair  cut every 4 to 6 weeks. 
   If your hair is longer than your shoulder you should see your favorite stylist every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance. 
   Short or long hair a regular maintenance service will keep your style looking fresh, prevent split ends and snarls, and ensure healthy hair.

Salon Products vs Store ProductsThere are so many hair care products to choose from and the shelves in your favorite store are lined with promises of shine, volume, and so much more. 

It is easy to grab the store brands, let's face it they are less expensive.  So why go with salon brands?  For starters how many store brands do you have tucked away in a cupboard because they did not do what they promised.  It is expensive to buy something and not like it so you buy something else.

A good stylist will recommend the right products for your hair and teach you how to use them properly.  Salon products are also concentrated so you use less and it last longer.  Salon products are also made with higher quality ingredients and less water and fillers. 

In the end you will save money and get the right products for your hair, use better quality and get better results with salon products.

Bad Hair Day Repair Tip!Don't fret or start all over again!  If your hair is shoulder length or longer and it is just not cooperating for you today try this.

First starting at the crown back comb about 5 sections (A section is a row of hair about 1/2 inch thick).  You are just building some volume on the top of your head at this point, it does not have to be pretty yet. 

Once you have back-combed your sections take a comb or bristle brush and gently comb all your hair back to your nap area and secure with a ponytail holder.   Remember to comb very gently over your crown so that you don't pull out all of the back-combing you want this for volume. 

Now you have a cute and trendy ponytail that looks fun or professional and best of all it is simple to create this look.....Just practice practice.

Pull out some of your bang section and do a dramatic side part at the temple area, sweep it over and use a gel if you need to for hold.  If your bangs are longer, a couple of Bobbi pins look great near the ear to hold them in place. 

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